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 The German physician Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg developed homotoxicology as an integrative view of medicine. Homotoxicology is the study of the influence of homotoxins (homo = human being, toxin = poison) on the human organism. Disease is seen as the organism’s purposeful biological reaction to homotoxins and its ongoing attempt to eliminate them. Homotoxicology focuses not on symptoms of illness but on its cause, namely, the homotoxin that is disrupting the organism’s normal functioning.


H.-H. Reckeweg

H.-H. Reckeweg 








The methodology of homotoxicology differs from that of conventional medicine in that illness is seen as much more than the mere presence of clinical symptoms. Homotoxicological therapy definitely approaches the patient as a whole. It attempts to detoxify the body, to correct derailed immunological processes through immunomodulation, and to support cells and organs.

As a unique approach to medicine, homotoxicology requires specific education. The purpose of this site is to provide the education needed to apply homotoxicology in practice.






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